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Find out why your users are leaving

With the rise of Analytics software such as Google Analytics, many business owners, management, and product managers are now confronted with huge amount of traffic data. These data are extremely useful to show how people are flowing through your website or app, but it does not tell you why your users are leaving. Conversion experts use usability testing to help them to understand why people are confused on a website and the reasons why people are not converting. Usability testing work hand in hand with analytics software to provide the explanation to the traffic data you have accumulated.

Alvin will share his knowledge on how to run your own usability testing on any target website or app by crowd sourcing. Usability Testing is the cornerstone of UX. It allows companies to collect data on how real people actually use their site or app, understand why people are leaving the website or not engaging with the mobile app. More importantly, using testing to find out what are the showstoppers in your design early on.

Many successful companies such as Dropbox & Expedia use technology to evoke emotions, creating what we called “user experience”. A good user experience creates meaningful experience, a satisfactory memory and encourages the user to continuously use the applications; while bad user experience annoys, reduces the productivity and tarnishes an organization’s image.

Through his presentation, Alvin will also share various case studies on how companies use usability testing to effectively detect bad UX design early, so that the product team can avoid major embarrassment and expensive re-development.

During the talk, we can invite a willing participant to test a website to see first-hand how usability testing is set up, how it works, and the values that it brings.

Who should attend?
CEO/COO/CTOs, Product Managers, Marketers, customer support, conversion specialists, UI Designers, UX team, founders, business owners and people who have been or will be involved in the development of websites and apps.


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