Winnie Loo – Lessons from a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Winnie Loo – Lessons from a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Date : Mon, Apr 29
Time : 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Venue : Zest Cafe, The Sphere, Bangsar South @3.110418,101.666322

Winnie Loo – celebrated entrepreneur and internationally recognized for her work and stature in Malaysia’s hair industry and a successful woman in a male-dominated industry. On 29th April evening, Winnie will share her life lessons and entrepreneur experiences with you.

A multiple-award winner, Winnie has been a “Entrepreneur Of The Year”, “Most Innovative Woman Entrepreneur”, “Great Women Of Our Time”, a “SME Brand Personality” and “Master of Her Craft”.

Ladies, post your questions for WInnie here. If your question is selected, you get to have dinner with Winnie Loo, on us!
** dinner is only open to 18 selected women.

As always, limited seats! Quick, sign up for Lessons from a Successful Woman Entrepreneur with Winnie Loo now!

One comment

  1. veno /

    Madam winnie Loo,

    i was searching about successful women entrepreneurs in Malaysia-your name came up- I wish you further success in your profession.

    God bless

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